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The safety of our visitors always was, is and will remain the number one priority of our team.

      High Point Adventure Park has been constructed by a team of professional industrial climbers with wide experience of design and installation of rope parks around the world. All designs in our park are made of the materials which margin of safety repeatedly exceeds any possible loading weight. So it does not matter if you are a hobbit or a giant our ropes will hold you.


     The route of the Rope Park is supplied with a safety system which we will explain to you in the safety briefing. During your time on the course it is necessary to observe a few simple rules that will allow you to enjoy our park to the fullest with maximum safety.

    The safety equipment we use is made by the Italian firm "Camp" - one of world’s leaders among the companies making equipment for work at height. All safety bindings, carbines and helmets are certified by the international association of climbers of UIAA.

    During your first time round our course you will be accompanied by one of our instructors who before you start will explain all the safety rules. The Instructor will give the basic training you need for the course and then also watch you attentively while you are in the trees. They will be ready and able to come to your aid at any moment if you get in any difficulties. For your visit to the park it is better to wear easy fit clothes, nothing that is constraining.  Shorts and short sleeve are fine. To tell the truth, some visitors show up and do the course simply in swimwear so don’t worry too much about what you wear. However it is necessary to pay attention to your choice of footwear, it is clear that bedroom-slippers or barefoot is not suitable for the park, you will only hurt your feet and ruin your experience, it is necessary to have at least sandals, but gym shoes or sneakers are best.

     During your time on the park you must follow the instructions of the guide/instructor. Do not remove your protective helmet and always have at least one safety carbines attached to the red safety line at all times.

Please remember that a constant neglect of the safety rules will cause the guide to stop your visit.

The Prices for rope course in High Point Adventure Park

Автор : btamedia

The price for a visit High Point Adventure Park is $30 per person

All day pass: first round under supervision of Guide/Instructor and then you may back to the park as many times as you whant at the same day

Include: safety equipment, water, bandana and a lot of fun

Discounts for groups: ask in advance at the High Point office or by e-mail

Ask for special trips "The jungle after a dark" and "Sunrise in the jungle"

Book in advance for special trips or big groups by phone, email or in our office in the Park the day before:

Phone……….. +855 (0) 16 839993


Tickets can be purchased at the High Point office, the Koh Rong dive center, hostels and resorts on Koh Rong


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